Tina’s Book Review – 4.5 Stars for Bella Book 2 by Kimberly Blalock

Book Review-Bella2

Book Title: Bella
Series: A Sagatori Family Saga #2

Author: Kimberly Blalock
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Start Read Date: 01/30/2016
End Read Date: 01/31/2016
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review Submitted By:
Tina for A Biblioromance Book Blog



Taking over this family isn’t going to be easy. There are a lot of things that have been left undealt with. A lot of people need reminding of the man I am; what I can do to them, what I can have done to them. I control the cards. I determine what happens. The outcome is in my hands. I am the king.

Weakness isn’t a possibility. I’m not weak. I don’t cry or tell a sob story. Why would I? I wanted to be like my father; strong, willful, powerful. I wanted to make him proud. Jax will keep me as his bride and I will fight back. My words will be silent, my actions controlled. And when he least expects it-when I least expect it- I will do the unthinkable, unimaginable, in my world.




(Received ARC in exchange for our honest review.)

This is exactly what I was hoping for in the sequel to Bella! More of that sexy and powerful Jax Moretti and the sass and defiance of his reluctant wife, Bella Sagatori Moretti, mafia princess.

In this installment of the series, we get a glimpse into the mind of a mob boss, Jax, and his struggle to accept that he has feelings for his wife that go beyond a promise of an arranged marriage.

This was and easy and quick read of complex characters and a well thought out storyline. It ends in a cliff-style, but not in a devastating WTF-way.

Reviewer’s note: Hawt-as-hell sexy scene!



Questions for the Reviewer:
(these are multiple choice answers)

How is the author’s writing?  Great
Is there violence? Some Violence
Is there sexual content? Explicit sexual content
How is the story narrated? Alternating persons
How would you describe the plot of this book? Some twists
What best describes the mood? Suspenseful
How would you describe the pace? Steady
How would you describe the characters? Developed


Kimberly Blalock

Kimberly has been writing since she was a young girl growing up in Kansas City, Mo. Reading and writing has always been a big part of her life. She enjoys a world she can get lost in while reading a good book. A wife and mother to four beautiful children she decided she wasn’t busy enough. She spent some time chasing down fugitives as a bounty hunter then laid down her hand cuffs and finished her college degree in nursing.
Kimberly loves discovering new music to jam out to and loves anything that’s different. When Kimberly isn’t writing or playing superhero for her children, she takes care of her patients as a Registered nurse in the field of hospice.


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