Korena’s Book Review – 4 Stars for Control by R.M. Noble

Book Review-Control

Book Title: Control
Series: The Control Series #1

Author: R.M. Noble
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Romance
Start Read Date: 1/23/2016
End Read Date: 1/27/2016
My Rating: 4 Stars
Review Submitted By:
Korena for A Biblioromance Book Blog



When technologically gifted Amelia Benson lands a job with Zeus Security, one of Manhattan’s renowned networking offices, she encounters the cold, secretive Mitchell Erikson. Quick to deny her attraction to the mysterious, dominant man, she finds herself gravitating toward him and his secret project despite their professional relationship. Drawn in by her ingenuity, persistence, and fiery temperament, Mitchell finally agrees to answer three of her questions.

Titillated by his past and eager to help, Amelia finds herself enthralled by Erikson’s seduction, face-to-face with the ex who nearly destroyed him, and caught in the middle of a scandal that threatens to tear them apart before they can truly begin.




(Received ARC in exchange for our honest review.)

Amelia Benson is trying to make her mark in a man’s marketplace in the tech world. After doing some tech work from her home, Amelia wants the security of being employed. She lands a job with Zeus, a security company. She finds she is attracted to one of the partners, Mitchell Erikson. Mitchell has mystery that surrounds him. Amelia is drawn to the mysterious case that Mitchell is diligently working.

Amelia finds herself set up with Mitchell on a double date. Mitchell grants three questions for Amelia to ask. Amelia finds out more about the case he is working. She also discovers other mysteries.

This story is left open for book two.

Reviewer’s Note:
The story was hard to read because of grammatical and punctuation errors.
The story did not flow like it should. Some scenes were forced.
I would like to read book two to see if the continuity is there.



Questions for the Reviewer:
(these are multiple choice answers)

How is the author’s writing? Okay
Is there violence? Some Violence
Is there sexual content? Explicit sexual content
How is the story narrated? Third person
How would you describe the plot of this book? Some twists
What best describes the mood? Suspenseful
How would you describe the pace? Slow
How would you describe the characters? One-dimensional


R.M. Noble

R.M. is an emerging novelist. Living in Virginia, R.M. is a wino, a coffee connoisseur, and a lover of pop music. When not at the beck and call of characters and their adventures, R.M. can usually be found procrastinating on Facebook or Twitter.


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