Korena’s Book Review – 3 Stars for Blind Trust by Peiri Ann



Book Title: Blind Trust
Author: Peiri Ann
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Romance
Start Read Date: 3/13/2016
End Read Date: 3/22/2016
My Rating: 3 Stars
Review Submitted By:
Korena for A Biblioromance Book Blog



Loving someone has never been so deadly.

Valerie Harper has one assignment, one mission. Assassinate her mark and everyone he loves. But what happens when she finds that she loves him too?
Her instructions are simple; do not fraternize with your target, observe at a distance, and never engage with the enemy. However, as things take an unexpected turn in Val’s world, these simple instructions begin to change.

Refusing to be a puppet, Kyle Shultz walks away from his old life and settles into the college routine. But the life of a student is more difficult than he imagined. Making friends and attending parties are as foreign a concept as showing a target mercy.

The lines between the state of the job and the affairs of the heart are blurred as Valerie and Kyle’s worlds collide.
With a maze of enemies and hit lists to navigate, will these two young adversaries proceed wide-eyed and alone into the fray? Or will they blindly trust the feelings they can no longer ignore?




(ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for honest review.)

This is what I got out of the story- Valerie Harper is an assassin that has been stalking her prey, Kyle Shultz for a year. Kyle Schultz is an assassin that quit the firm he was with and working for somebody else. They are both good at their jobs but feelings have gotten in the way.

I found the story long and boring. Yes there was action throughout the story but the author tended to repeat. Not an experience I’m going to repeat.



Questions for the Reviewer:
(these are multiple choice answers)

How is the author’s writing? Okay
Is there violence? Graphic Violence
Is there sexual content? Some sexual content
How is the story narrated? Alternating persons
How would you describe the plot of this book? Some twists
What best describes the mood? Dark
How would you describe the pace? Steady
How would you describe the characters? Developed


Peiri Ann

Peiri Ann

Peiri Ann shares a love in the creation of new worlds, different creatures, and unwritten possibilities.

Writing is a passion. I fell in love with it when i was a child and I am privileged to share it with you. I love writing fun/tragic adventurous novels with strong romantic elements from YA to New Adult.



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