Korena’s Book Review – 5 Stars for I Hear…Love by Annalisa Nicole



Book Title: I Hear…Love
Series: A Different Road #2

Author: Annalisa Nicole
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Start Read Date: 4/6/2016
End Read Date: 4/11/2016
My Rating: 5 Stars
Review Submitted By: Korena for Alpha Book Review



One family of five… One life-altering tragedy… Three survivors. Each of the Mason siblings takes the outcome of the devastation three completely different ways.

When you are broken you can never be fully put back together. There are always tiny slivers here and there that can never be replaced.

Kate Mason at twenty-three, feels as though she has lived through enough sorrow and pain to fill generations of lifetimes. On the outside, she wears a beautiful mask, but on the inside, she’s a million, jagged, broken pieces. She lives with devastating guilt, and blames herself, not only for her parents’ death, but for her brother’s blindness as well.

For Kate there is no hope of silencing the chaos in her head. There is not forgiveness for what she has done to her family, or herself. There will never be anyone to love her, and her shattered past.

Cooper Sullivan recently moved to Malibu and was immediately adopted by a stray black lab he named Sadie. Cooper soon realizes there is something very special about Sadie when she is drawn to a beautiful woman, with a kaleidoscope of emotions that burn deep behind her eyes.

Cooper sees Kate’s broken pieces scattered all around her, but he finds himself wanting to show her just how beautiful each piece is. Underneath her mask of pain, he sees an even more beautiful woman, and he wants to be the man who puts all of her broken pieces back together.

Will Kate place her heart in Cooper’s hands?

Can Kate finally silence the noise enough to forgive herself and hear the one thing she desires most?

Can one truly hear…love?




(Received ARC  in exchange for our honest review.)

Absolutely loved this book. I walked straight into book two without reading book one and that is alright! But I know I didn’t get River’s and Joss’ story. I got Cooper and Kate in this book. What a couple!!

Kate met Cooper and Sadie on the beach. Cooper and Sadie lived two houses down from River. Kate is in the healing stage. Kate suffers from severe depression and has even attempted suiciide. Sadie is a black lab that detects when Kate needs her.

Cooper and Kate are beautiful together. Cooper immediately takes to Kate and realizes the importance of Sadie and the calming affect Sadie has on Kate. Kate tells Cooper at the beginning how broken she is. Cooper does not walk away.

The story moves very quickly. I couldn’t put my Kindle down. The story has a lot of beautiful moment that brought tears to my eyes. I want to read book one and move to book three. I love these characters!! I feel like I want to know each and everyone in depth. Annalisa Nicole is a must read author!

Reviewer’s Note:
Kate hears love when she finally took the headphones off and listen to the beauty all around her.



Questions for the Reviewer:
(these are multiple choice answers)

How is the author’s writing? Great
Is there violence? Some Violence
Is there sexual content? Some sexual content
How is the story narrated? Alternating persons
How would you describe the plot of this book? Full of surprises
What best describes the mood? Hopeful
How would you describe the pace? Fast
How would you describe the characters? Complex



Annalisa Nicole

International Bestselling Author Annalisa Nicole is an “Indie” Adult Contemporary Romance author. She’s been married to her husband since 1996 where she enjoys being a stay-at-home mom to their two teenage boys. She was born and raised in Michigan, but currently lives in California.
She published her debut novel Take A Chance in October of 2013.


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