Tina’s Book Review – 5 Stars for Two is a Lie by Pam Godwin

Book Title:  Two is a Lie
Author: Pam Godwin
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Start Read Date: 07/02/2017
End Read Date: 07/03/2017
My Rating:  5 Stars
Review Submitted By: Tina for Alpha Book Review


Two lies.
Two men who don’t share.
I never stopped loving Cole. Not when he left me. Not when he disappeared for three years. Not when he crashed back into my life in a violent explosion of testosterone and fury.
His sudden reappearance questions everything I thought I knew, including how I came to love another man.
Trace is an intoxicating breeze of seduction over ice. My rock. My second chance at forever.
And he’s committed to annihilating the competition.
The battle that ensues wrenches me back and forth between them.
Fighting and fucking.
Resisting and submitting.
Together, they entangle me in a web of lies, rivalry, and desire that weaves as deeply as their devotion to me.
I love two men, and if I can only have one, I choose none.




(ARC submitted by the author for our honest review.)

Cole is back to claim Danni as his wife. He has lied to her and allowed her to think he was dead. All to save her life. He was on the right side of the law, but in so deep with intel that anyone he had connection with would be a target for opposing operatives. Trace had a suspicion that Cole was alive all along, but he could not fight his feelings for Danni. He swore to protect her and to keep an eye on her. What better way than to keep her close and employed by his casino.

Danni has to make a choice. An almost impossible one. How can she love two men at once? Cole and Trace are so completely different. Cole had her heart first, but his job and lies took him away from her. Trace was there to pick up the pieces of her heart.

As the reader, I want her to have both. It was not, after all, her fault that she’s in this position. But these men do not want to share. #TeamTrace for this reader!



Questions for the Reviewer:
(these are multiple choice answers)

How is the author’s writing?  Great
Is there violence? Some Violence
Is there sexual content?  Explicit sexual content
How is the story narrated? First persons
How would you describe the plot of this book?  Some twists
What best describes the mood?  Suspenseful
How would you describe the pace?  Fast
How would you describe the characters?  Developed

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